1972 Groove-a-lish-ish

A tribute to the sounds of 1972

Wanted something big and bold - and to also expand my Logic Pro Skills

Lots of Logic Drummer, Guitars, Bass and Software Instruments! Structure is long form, repeating motives.

Apple Logic, 1982 Les Paul Standard, MM Bass. Enjoy


Oh wow, I get lots of nostalgia from hearing this type of music. What do you use for amps, software or hardware? And if software, which plugins for cabs/amps etc?

I like the bright pads, goes well as a contrast in the mix to the low bold guitars.

Mi Mikael - Thanks for the feedback!!! - I use the UAD Apollo Twin with its Amp Plugins, particularly the Buxom Beauty and Marshall Plexi. I am pretty new to using the UAD stuff and it is really amazing hardward/software. A little pricey, but worth it!

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Wow, this is great! I’m hearing some Rush, King Crimson, maybe Kansas. I especially liked the guitar solo. It had some nice rhythmic qualities in the licks.

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