10 Winners of the Engagement Contest (closed)

Hello Composers! :slight_smile:
The “community engagement contest” last week was a success! I have seen so many great posts, replies, truly helpful content, tips and sharing of knowledge, insights and experience. You are all amazing! :smiley:

I will now present the 10 winners of this contest:

  1. Alexey Soloviev - @Alexeysolovievmusic
  2. Ben Beard - @BenBeard
  3. Brian Jilg- @BrianJ
  4. Carlo Tuzza - @Carlo_Tuzza
  5. Alexey Pavlov - @jlx_music
  6. Keith Myles - @Keith
  7. Medhat Hanbali - @medhathanbali
  8. Matt Lord - @Rhythmattic
  9. Ryan Stella - @RyanStellaMusic
  10. Jonny Armandary - @SoundtrackAcad

Now, I welcome all winners to go crazy with self promotion in the replies below! :smiley:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of professionalcomposers.com


Woohoo! Thanks Mike - and thanks for creating & maintaining such an engaged community.

I’ll use the self-promotion opportunity to direct people to my podcast:

Thanks all!


And since I listened to several episodes of your podcast I can 100% recommend members to check it out. I’ve got so much inspiration from it! :slight_smile:


Wow! What a wonderful start of the week!
Thank you so much Mike! I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful community!

About Self-Promotion:

Im mixing now a lot, so you can listen to my mixing skills here :

I joined Produce Like A Pro community created by Warren Huart (mixing engineer of Aerosmith, Korn, The Fray, Black Veil Brides) last year to improve my mixing skills for my and clients music.
Also joined mixing and production communities like: PureMix, Mix With The Masters, Nail The Mix, Pensado’s Place.

Also you can watch Warren’s feedback about my mixing skills on my Facebook music page here : https://www.facebook.com/alexeysolovievmusic/

Also you can read and find all the info about me and projects i worked and working on now on my web site:

And you can find me on social media pages:
Facebook (Profile Page): https://www.facebook.com/alexeisolovievmusic
Facebook (Music Page): https://www.facebook.com/alexeysolovievmusic/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/alekseysolovievmusic/

So don’t be shy to send your friend requests lets be friends :slight_smile:


Thanks Jonny.
Most excellent for you to post this.
Thinking Ill start with #31.
:beers: :wink:

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Wow really nice mixes my friend, good focus on the vocals which is what matters for popular music of all styles! :slight_smile:

Did not see any mixes of cinematic/orchestral music there?

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Thank you so much Mike! The only community which has mixes of orchestral and cinematic music is Mix with the Masters, buy I have a free account you should buy a yearly membership which is around 330€ per year. So then you can watch full videos about Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi’s music production and download multitracks of their music to mix yourself.
I don’t have any clients now for mixing cinematic music so mostly mix songs and my own music for short films and trailer music I send to trailer labels. So I don’t upload any cinematic tracks on SoundCloud now for public only for private use.
This is my latest trailer music so you can listen to my mix here:

Crickey ! Stone the crows ! Faidinkum !

As many say here, well , all of us, really do appreicate your mammoth efforts for tirelessly sharing and supporting an industry that is more than the sum of its parts, but its the personal level and the way you engage.

As the saying goes, Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry because you cant afford a Waldorf Quantum……

Jokes aside, I almost felt not worthy , as im self taught, dont know theory, and realistically, cant do orchestrations like most here. I do use many Libraries , Vi’s and do have a decent collection of Analog Vintage synths and more modern ones…. around 15 keys, and 10 or so modules… Out board fx… ect…

But I realised, Ive done film scores , been paid , and many have screen at Film festivals around the world, some released in the US… Though VOD, its still a personal accomplishment.

So with that said…. I had posted links when I said “G’Day” , but thought id pick some people may have missed…

Hope you indulge me.

Oh, just because im one of the winners, doesent mean theres a second beer ins the fridge for you…. It’ll be a case…… (like it wouldn’t of been anyway lol )

Heres one I did for a short film…
It was for someones PHD in Film, It was around 4 Cues….
Took the few cues, and turned it into this.

Part of the opening to “Sacred Heart”

to add in the feature “Sacred Heart” there was a dance scene , and wrote a cue I personally just loved… when the director heard it , he said “Na, Ive got music for that already” Im like WTF ? Though 1 min or so , I snuck it into the end credits
So years later, just a few months ago, redid it, and turned it into a ballad… Mix is still a bit rough… but…

Bit of Funk tearing at the establishment.

Go crazy he said !!
Peace , love and mungbeans. :peace_symbol:


Oh you know you better keep the fridge full of the cold stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:
Indeed, and the world is also a lot better when smiling. I do actually have a Waldorf…but not that one! I have the waldorf microwave xt, not currently hooked up though as I simply don’t have any room. But I have a hard time selling it too, because…knobs…knobs everywhere lol.

Really cool funk track at the end there, I am soo deep into cinematic/orchestral the last years it’s easy to miss out on so many great styles of music. I love the classic Motown sound, Jackson 5 etc. I think being open to all styles of music is a wonderful thing as a composer and artist. :slight_smile:


Firstly, Im a MW1 Owner … Love it… Never will I part with it ( Recently sold my PPG 2.3. , Just like the MW1 better…) , But the XT, there needs to be a Partition for Spectrasonics to do the hardware Support in Omnisphere…
Imagine that… it’d be a friggin Rippa !

Yes, Film scores are a totally different beast,
Whether Orchestral , acoustic, electronic, or choral…. its a discipline.
Besides what you can offer, you must make the Director happy and meet deadlines…
Besides the Fact sometimes the Director and editor get attached to a Temp Track…. Arrrghhh…
Ive definitely learnt a lot doing scores, also location recording, Dialouge editing, SFX, Foley, Re-Mixing ect….

But when it comes to my own songs…theres so much more freedom….
I guess growing up in the 80’s , I was mainly a guitar player, but it was a time of wonder hearing sounds Id never heard before….
Ive always liked the idea of mixing any element to add textures…
Look at John Powell, I worked with him as a assistant on Happy Feat here in Sydney (though only a day until his Full time guy arrived) …
Logic, Trilogy, a multitude of synth plugs and orch libraries.,…

John Williams will always have a place in my heart… Lost in Space , both compositions had me in awe… Of course we know what he became to be… A legend.
Junkie XL , great synth sound design fitting in with orchestral motifs….
Mark Mothersbaugh, what cant he do ?

But i guess my biggest influence is Yello.
The sheer amount of genre crossing and production quality is just incredible.

I actually have 4 SC pages… one which was a project called Thunk.
But because we did everything tom Dance to ballads to rock to R&B (sort of) I called it Thunk and Disorderly

With films you dont quite have the freedom… and thats totally understandable. As I said ,i taken a lot away from film composition, but I do so enjoy the process of writing with that idea… that light bulb moment…

Anyway, although i did the Score for Sacred heart, the director heard Thunk song i did with Pete years before…(the other thunkologian, the lyricist in this case)

it was originally called 'Haunted" but changed to “house of love” (A line in the Song) because it was so fitting…
So, Its the credit music.

Hope im not posting to much at length, if so , please let me know.


One of the main points of starting this community was to inspire a place of deeper topics, discussions, connection…I found social media to bring out the “laziest” part of people. Thin content, shallow posts…and despite the “social” in the name everyone seems more interested in “me, me, me” than actually connecting, sharing meaningful value etc. I am so happy I took action on this dream of a high quality community for composers that I have had for a long time. :slight_smile:

Btw, that end title song, wow. I am a sucker for a good groovy and moody bassline…too little of that in modern music. Really great track my friend, and yes, I love exploring music both as a composer and a fan of the art form itself! :smiley:


Don’t forget… Start an XT Partition for omnisphere support !

And cheers mate, thanks for the kind words.

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I don’t think they have any Waldorf support at all yet, have they? And yes those knobs would be so amazing for Omnisphere! :smiley:

Thank you so much @Mikael I’m so happy to be part of this community :smiley:

About the self promotions I’m going to present my soundcloud, where you can find many projects.

Carlo Tuzza’ soundcloud

Here you can find a lot of my compositions and mix too, feel free to ask me question fi you want :wink:


Swell done everyone, I’ve been on holiday so I’ve been camping in snowdonia with zero reception. Has been great catching up with all your posts! :smile:


Snowdonia? I remember that name from some TV show on making cabins. In Wales is it?

Woop came second in somthing :stuck_out_tongue:

Really enjoying this community so far. started writing orc stuff this year ( Prof singer by trade about to embark on UK theatre tour)

Been practising trailer music and just started new course on that, also been learning mixing and mastering.

Here’s my latest trailer music I’m working on ( not quite finished yet ) need to find a really good Brass plugin for trailers so recommendations welcome

Also as i started in acoustic music I may as well give this a share as its a song I wrote for a film coming out this year and just officially released it

Lots more examples of Orc stuff on my soundcloud

Thanks for putting this all together Mikael, been great so far and tons of useful stuff


Oh cool I did not know you were a professional singer, have you ever recorded your own vocal performances to cinematic/orchestral music? Perhaps that could be your edge as a composer?! :wink:

For brass in epic/trailer music, nothing beats Forzo right now imho. :slight_smile:

I am thinking about it, I tend to be focusing on choiral elements as I know harmonies well and thinking maybe that could be my edge as well, but i am considering both :slight_smile:

Interesting I was just looking at Forzo, pricey, but i tihnk itll be worth it !

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It sure is, I live in North wales so I’m never too far from a mountain range… or bad weather for that matter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s great to just get away and chill for a bit. I’ve come back super inspired and started 3 compositions and got one accepted by the library I’m working with so I think the break was worth it :smiley: