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Become a Brand Partner, and you will be able to post Product News & Releases, Announcements and Special Deals in here. But every member can reply, and I encourage you to ask questions and join the discussions about the p…

3 August 15, 2019
NEWS: 500 Members in this Amazing Community! =) 1 September 13, 2019
How to Compose Ambient Music (Create Worlds of Sound) 5 September 13, 2019
The NEW Bamboo Stick Ensemble 3.0: Epic Bamboo Percussion w/ Intro Offer 3 September 11, 2019
10 New VIP Members of Professional Composers (Sep 1 - 2019) 19 September 11, 2019
Ventus Winds Duduk - Now available from Impact Soundworks! 2 September 6, 2019
Soundiron 72 Hour Flash Sale - Emotional Piano 4 September 3, 2019
Special Deals on Courses on Music Composition, Production & Sound Design

Hello Composers, Mike here! :smiley: Do you want to level up your skills and craft in music composition, production and sound design? Learn & Level Up from my online courses for composers. Check all my Special Deals he…

2 July 27, 2019